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T2 Logistics offers a variety of delivery vehicles to choose from based on the size and weight of your specific delivery:

- Semi Tractors for largest shipments

- 24 to 26 foot box trucks with liftgates for large deliveries up to 12,000 lbs.

- Full-size cargo vans for light/medium shipments up to 2000 lbs.

- Compact cars for smallest shipments

We also recognize that time is always a factor in the delivery business. In addition to our vehicle options, we also offer time-sensitive delivery options to meet your specific needs:

RUSH - Pick-up and delivery within 2 hours of your call.

4 HOUR - Pick-up and delivery within 4 hours of your call.

SAME DAY - Pick up and delivery by 5:00pm.

T2 also offers dedicated route delivery service for businesses or individuals needing daily delivery services. Please contact us for any additional information and get a customized delivery quote!

Office: (407)-250-4682 / Mobile: (407)-342-4463 / email: [email protected]